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Original Fast Food
Fruits and vegetables are the original fast food and are packed with fiber and nutrients.

The color in fruits and vegetables is created by flavinoids, which science is discovering are amazing promoters of health.

Different colors represent different nutrients and benefits.  Colorful fruits and vegetables are wonderful.  For example, purple, red, and blue fruits or vegetables are rich in phytochemicals called “anthocyanins,” which help get rid of free-radical damage in the body and the brain.

Orange, yellow, and green vegetables are rich in stress-lowering carotenoids. One study found that some of these carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, when consumed on a regular basis, actually have a stress hormone-lowering effect,8 so enjoy eating your fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors every day.

Fruits and vegetables are truly lifesaving.  The World Health Organization states that up to 2.7 million lives could be saved annually with sufficient fruit and vegetable consumption.  Low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top ten risk factors attributable to early mortality, according to evidence presented in the World Health Report 2002.9

There are many benefits from eating our vegetables, and science is discovering more all the time.  A study was done on Chinese women in Singapore, a city in which pollution from cigarette smoke is often high.  This pollution creates extra stress on the cleaning capacity of people’s lungs. 

The study found that in non-smokers, eating cruciferous vegetables lowered their risk of lung cancer by 30%.  In smokers, regularly eating cruciferous vegetables reduced lung cancer risk an amazing 69%.10  This study clearly illustrates cruciferous vegetables’ amazing ability to help protect the body.

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