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CREATION Health is a faith-based wellness plan complete with lifestyle seminars and a special training program for those who want to teach and start their own wellness program. This website is also your “go-to” resource for ongoing support after your training so you can live life to the fullest as God intended when He gave us the ideal plan for living in the Bible’s Creation Story.

CREATION Health is God’s plan for living. This wellness program is based on Biblical principles found in the Creation story and supported by evidence-based science. Learn the best practices of whole person living - mentally and physically along with a strong focus on spirituality and faith.

Each letter in the CREATION acronym will help you remember the eight guiding principles of wellness and longevity as you embark on the creation of a new you!

What you will find here is an extensive wellness library, health news, daily tips, videos, mobile apps, recipes, books, devotionals, self-assessment tests, wellness calculators, seminar training aids, promotional items, online training and a community of like-minded people where you can share your success stories and ideas.


With so much information out there it can get overwhelming and hard to know where to start. That’s why we created a step-by-step plan you can follow. You can participate in CREATION Health in different ways.
  • You may want to teach CREATION Health by becoming a Certified Seminar Leader.
  • You may have come here as an individual to learn how to live the CREATION Health lifestyle by attending one of our CREATION Health Seminars.
  • You can become a CREATION Health member by signing up for email updates, text messages, iPhone App and taking advantage of ongoing support of our social networking community.


You can get started implementing your own wellness program at CREATION Health Institute. We offer Seminar Leader Online Training along with all of the training aids you'll need to conduct a successful seminar.

Course Materials
Thisall-in-one kit contains the tools you need to conduct a successful seminar. It includes your Online Training, PowerPoints, Videos,Seminar Leader Guide,Seminar Personal Study Guide, Small Group Kit for follow-up life group training, CREATION Health Discovery Book and a tote bag – 21 tools bundled together for your best value. For your students this kit offers sixteen lessons– eight seminar lessons and eight small group lessons.

Online Training
Plus, our Seminar Leader Online Training is really two courses in one. It contains the CREATION Health lifestyle course while you learn how to present it. It will teach you how to present the eight-part curriculum in 9 lessons - 11 hours.

Enroll Now

Seminar Promotion
We will also help you promote your seminar online to help you spread the word. You can also order promotional items for effective seminar marketing including: Posters, Post Cards, Bulletin Inserts, Shirts, Letterhead, Giveaway Items, Table Cloths and Pop-Up Banners.


As an individual you may want to simply learn how to live the CREATION Health lifestyle. You can do this by taking our online training or finding a seminar near you.

There may be a CREATION Health seminar near you through your church, hospital, community, local school or university. Soon we will be advertising seminars so you can search for a seminar by location and date.

Online Course
Coming soon! We will be adding the CREATION Health lifestyle course to our CREATION Health Institute curriculum. In the meantime you are welcome to take the Seminar Leader Training course because the CREATION Health lifestyle course is included in the online course.


Creating healthy habits is an ongoing process takes proactive perseverance informed pursuit, and a some fun and inspiration along the way. We help you every step of the way. As a CREATION Health member you have access to tips and reminders on the website, via email, text messages and mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

We will supply you with tips, recipes, videos, virtual vacations, devotionals, wellness news, events, and featured articles. We will keep you informed and on track in practical, entertaining and fun ways.

You will also have access to wellness calculators, a world-class wellness A-Z library, symptom checkers and more. Find out more about health issues for yourself and your family. You will find even more information on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


We offer healthy products at our Online Store. Check out our water bottles, inspirational music, healthy guides and assessments, and books on a variety of health and wellness topics.


So if you want to feel good, look great, live long and experience the healthy benefits of staying spiritually and socially connected - welcome to CREATION Health and live happily ever after!