Outlook refers to how we approach the world and our lives. In other words, it is our general attitude. Outlook affects how we perceive the world, what we think of ourselves, of the people around us, our job, our home, our friends – everything. Our outlook impacts everything we think about and do. Some people tend to be optimistic, a definite asset; others tend to be pessimistic, which can lead to difficulties.

A positive outlook colors your perspective on life. Recent research suggests that your attitude influences your health and even impacts the progression of disease. This makes a positive outlook a gift you give to yourself - it's the colors with which you choose to paint the world. God designed each of us to be a special, unique, and wonderful person. Having a negative outlook is not part of the design. Research has shown that negativity affects everything from our health, to our happiness.

God made us to be positive – to focus on possibilities, not problems.



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