A loving, all-powerful, all-knowing Creator God is the focus of CREATION Health. 

When we come to Him just as we are, He works to transform us and to re-create us into His image. If we realize that God loves us despite our flaws, and that His will can lead to our joy and fulfillment, then we can begin to trust Him. It is only when trusting Him that we receive the power to be transformed by His love and grace. A trusting relationship with the Creator empowers every aspect of our lives and enables us to achieve the fullness of CREATION Health.

Trust in God also speaks to the important relationship between spirituality and healing. Our faith, beliefs and hopes affect our health. Research shows the vital role that belief and expectation have on the final outcome.

The Benefits of Trust

A study of 855 high school seniors revealed that students who go to church are less likely to become delinquents, drink alcohol, or use marijuana, compared to other adolescents. Clearly, there is an important role for a strong faith in God, as well as having a balanced, moral education, in maintaining a healthy society.

Georgetown University Medical School professor Dale Matthews and his colleagues have shown that religious involvement helps people avoid illness, recover from it more quickly, and, most remarkably, live longer.

The more spiritually committed you are, the more you benefit. Medical internist Larry Dossey and others have published rather extensively on the benefits of prayer and healing. Undeniably, the medical community has a growing respect for the role that faith and prayer play in our overall well-being.

Our faith is a process. It is something we grow into and develop over time and trials. Most people think they don’t have the kind of faith that produces miracles - that perhaps their faith is rather weak. Well, join the club called the human race! Jesus’ twelve closest friends, men He called His "disciples," (which means, "learners") had the same concern. They were always encountering obstacles that seemed bigger than their faith. But Jesus was encouraging. He told His disciples, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you" (Matthew 17:20). Don’t let a lack of trust keep you from finding God’s best for you life.

Thomson Learning, 2002, 8-9.

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